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“Employee Welfare” 
Brad is an air traffic controller who has had significant problems with high blood pressure. He has changed his diet, takes medication, but the problem persists. His doctor has recommended that he find other employment because his job is causing his high blood pressure and continuing to work at the job could lead to a massive heart attack. Brad has no training for any other job.
Based on this scenario, determine what Brad’s options are to receive compensation for his health issues.
Next, debate whether or not you believe that Brad qualifies for workers’ compensation due to his health issues, and analyze the key legal and ethical issues faced by Brad’s employer throughout this process.
Manging Contract Issues in Business at Home and Abroad
Amanda Tucker, a black female, applied for a sales position in Ames Department Stores in Seattle. After completing her application, she was asked to take a math test and a general aptitude test. As a result of her score, she was disqualified from consideration for the sales position.
Based on this scenario, debate whether or not you believe that this testing policy is a violation of Title VII.
Make sure to think through both the rights of the applicant and any defenses available to the department store.
Remarks:  Please ensure both questions are answered and references must properly cited.

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