Boston Portrayal of Female Journalists in Popular Culture Research Paper

Select a fictional woman journalist as portrayed in popular culture and write a three page research paper discussing that image; how accurate or inaccurate it is, the impact of that image on women journalists and women in general, how the image of women journalists has changed since the film was produced. Include three academically acceptable sources cited in proper APA style. These sources will not include the dictionary, the text book or any other sources provided in the content of the class. The sources cited above may be used in your paper but will not count toward the three required sources. See the Web link in Unit 14 “Women Journalists in Popular Culture” for some ideas but you are not limited to this list. An “A” paper will be complete, concise, grammatically correct and properly resourced and offer and interesting or unique discussion of the subject. The extent to which your paper deviates from these requirrements will determine your grade. Attached you will find an example of an “A” paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance your research and writing skills and to allow you to examine the way women journalists are portrayed in popular media.

Attach your paper as a doc, docx or rtf file. No PDF or Pages files.

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