BIO100 Unit 2 CCBC What is Life? Article

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Unit II Written Assignment

Unit II Written Assignment

For this assignment, you will be required to locate and summarize an reliable internet article that relates to any course topic covered in Unit II (Chapters 6-9). Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

1.Complete all chapter assignments so that you are familiar with the course content.

2. Locate a reliable internet article that deals with one aspect of the course material from chapters 6, 7, 8 OR 9. Your article must be an authored site (an individual author or a reputable scientific association.) (Sites like Wikipedia are NOT reputable sites.). The content of the article should relate to an advance in medicine that impacts human health.

3.Read the article.

4. In a written assignment, briefly describe the content of the article and explain how the article relates to the course material in the chapter you chose. (Two page maximum for the assignment). In your explanation, be sure to define or describe the advance in medicine that relates to our course content. Be certain to use complete sentences and proper paragraph organization in your answer.

5. Turn in your assignment, double spaced (10-12 point font). Appropriately reference the article you use for the assignment using MLA or APA format. (See links if you need assistance.)

6.Submit the assignment to the instructor as an attachment using the SafeAssignment tool (deadline is posted in the course calendar). You must submit a working link to your article as part of your written assignment. The instructor must be able to read the article, so please do not obtain your article from a site that is password protected. To post your link in your file, copy the URL and then paste it in your document. Most word processors will automatically hyperlink the copied link. Remember to submit the file as a .rtf, .pdf, .doc or .docx file format. You must submit your assignment via the SafeAssign tool (click on View/Complete below). No assignments will be accepted through email or Blackboard Messages.

7.You will be graded on this using the following grading scale:

a.Content: 25 points.
Students will receive 12.5 points for giving a complete and accurate summary of the article they are reviewing. An additional 12.5 points will be awarded for students making accurate connections to course content and providing evidence of how his/her article is relevant to Unit II.

b.Grammar and Spelling: 2 points

c.Following directions (as posted above): 2 points

d.Citations (please refer to the sites above for proper format: 1 point

This assignment is worth 30 pts. No late assignments will be accepted.
The Unit II Written Assignment meets the following course objectives:

Read and summarize information from basic biological publications
Explain how scientific advances in medicine impact humans

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