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Big Five Factors (assignment)

Web site to take the Basic 5 Model of Personality:

Take either version of the Basic 5 Model of Personality. (You are given a choice on this site. Called IPIP-NEO.)

Learn about your results:…

You may use other resources but you must cite them.

After taking the Basic Five Model of Personality assessment, write a 2 page paper (12 pt.font, 1″ margins, double spaced) about what the Big Five Model measures as well as submit your thoughts (in assignment box) on your experience.: Your results can not take up the space for 2 pages. There needs to be a critical review of this assssment.

  • What were your results (include the numbers and details).
  • What you learned from your results.
  • Do they seem reliable? Why or why not? Be specific & detailed.

You must include information about the sources used (and cited).

Be sure to include the specifics of what your results are (your scores). How did you score on each scale? How is this relevant?

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