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We all know that nursing assignments can be hectic and demanding for students. It is important to note that a correctly done capstone project paper is a way of letting your supervisors and potential employers acknowledge your level of skills.Being a complex project that requires many steps to prove what experiences a nursing student has gained at the end of their program, it is crucial to get Nursing Capstone Project Writing help from our medical writing experts. They understand what the final project represents when it comes to the nursing students’ accomplishments. These types of assignments are very critical to a student’s last year.This capstone course will include experiences similar to those students are likely to confront as newly employed baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses. Students will have one-on-one work experience with baccalaureate nurse preceptors in selected clinical settings. An emphasis is placed on the development of personal and professional strategies needed to make the transition from student to graduate nurse by highlighting role development skills of bedside nurse leaders.Course ObjectivesIntegrate theoretical concepts from nursing and other disciplines in understanding nursing practice issues.Refine personal leadership abilities based on self-assessment and analysis of personal leadership styles.Evaluate the health care environment utilizing a systems framework to consider policy, resources, and quality and safety concerns related to the selected nursing practice setting.Propose improvements for safe nursing practice using national patient safety initiatives and evidence based research.Evaluate and incorporate evidence based research related to professional development for the practice setting.Provide evidence based patient centered nursing care for a variety of a patients.Evaluate the utilization of patient care technological support systems that support patient care and prevent medical errors in the practice setting.Develop collegial relationships with inter- and multidisciplinary team members using management and leadership concepts and therapeutic communication skills while adhering to professional standards and behaviors.Prioritize and implement nursing aspects of multidisciplinary health plans which reflect legal and ethical standards of care and practice.Perform reflective ongoing self-evaluation of growth in professional nursing practice and attainment of professional practice goals.Provide for the safe and effective care of multiple patients and their families through direct care and delegation of care to other members of the health care team.Demonstrate the use of critical thinking and clinical judgment as a basis for decision making in clinical practice.Additional ConsiderationsThe decision as to when to take your capstone is an important one. Once you submit your intent, it should only be changed in extenuating circumstances and in collaboration with your advisor. Additionally, you are responsible for finding your own housing during your capstone experience. If you believe you will have difficulty with that, share this with the course instructor or your advisor. They may be able to put you in contact with alumni from the area that are willing to host you during your time.Choosing a Capstone SiteWe make every effort to help you have a meaningful experience. You will be asked to consider possible specialties and locations for your capstone. When thinking about locations, please take into account that your capstone instructor will try to plan a site visit with you during your experience. Because of state laws regarding nursing education and nursing licenses, you will be limited to considering a capstone location in Iowa, Minnesota, or Wisconsin. More information on locations are on pages 4-5.Some students feel that choosing a practicum site is one of the hardest things that they have to do before graduation! If you are having trouble deciding what to request you are not alone. Here are some tips to think about as you get ready to make a request.If you are shaky and/or feel at all weak in your basic nursing skills, have a low G.P.A., or need to improve organization and priority setting skills, then we recommend that you request a basic medical-surgical nursing unit experience.If you feel you have strong clinical skills and you have a strong G.P.A., perhaps you might consider a specialty placement such as an ER or ICU. While typically placement in a specialty area is your choice, if a clinical site limits the number of students in a particular setting, the placement will be at the discretion of the instructor. Your previous clinical instructors may be contacted to determine appropriateness.There are times when students feel an inpatient setting is not for them. That’s okay! Historically, students have had challenging experiences when in a home health care, hospice, or public health placements. However, outpatient clinics, procedural areas, and long term care facilities are viable options.Consider the location. If location is an issue due to costs or commuting, please consider this and indicate your needs when completing this request. Be sure to explain your facility preference as a strong factor in your rationale statement.Already know what nursing area you want to practice in? Then be sure to list the area as your top rationale and then provide choices of hospitals/agencies that provide that experience.Haven’t a clue? Think about what is important to you–geographical area? Size of hospital? Type of care model seen in hospital? Patient population? Readiness to take NCLEX exam? Ask your advisor, clinical instructors, and people who know you best to help you brainstorm. Then carefully craft what you feel would be best, second best and third best for you.We will do all that we can to place you in your first choice location. However you must know that there is no guarantee that you will be successful in first choices. There are several reasons for this––one is that we are very dependent on the availability of slots in the various hospitals/agencies and we do not have control over their decision to take a student.

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