based solely on pieces of information which are freely available to the public in the United States, political science homework help

the first part of the class, you are required to construct a plan for attacking a specific target in a middle-sized American city based solely on pieces of information which are freely available to the public in the United States – via the Internet or otherwise – and which could be useful to any terrorist cell here.


Congratulations. You have drawn the coveted assignment of covering ISIS’s Help Line today, and it therefore falls upon you to respond to the plea for assistance that has just arrived from a want-a-be terrorists in the United States.

Here is what you know, are requested to do, and must respect with respect to his request.

1. Based on the Cyberspace tracts, the person has been patronizing various ISIS Websites for some time, is a regular reader of your propaganda magazine, and has identified himself as an American citizen, male, and in his mid-to-late 20s.

2. He claims to have the active support of a close friend of his age, and the likely support of that (male) friend’s female cousin, currently in her late teens. So the operation has at most two or three activists with which to work.

3. He has no clue as to how to proceed, and has requested detailed assistance in finding a suitable target, a plan for executing the mission, and how to obtain any weapons, explosives, or other materials needed for the operation.

4. He has expressed a desire for a mission that will be less dramatic than, say, attacking the Twin Towers, but more dramatic than shooting up a school or nightclub or running people down on a street.

5. He has also expressed a profound interest in not dying or even being caught in the performance of the “first” mission. So an escape route or routes should be a part of your recommendations.

6. You must assist him using only information that is freely available on the Internet or elsewhere, from your location several thousand miles away. In addition to the guidance, please also provide the website or other locale from where you have taken the information.

7. You must retain absolute confidentiality less the mission be compromised, so do not share your suggestions with anyone (especially classmates) either now or after the project has been completed.

8. The attack should be within the area where our would-be terrorists lives, and with which he is familiar.

9. The recommendations must be dispatched no later than Friday, June 17th, lest the conspirators lose their nerve in over-thinking the risks involved.

10. The request comes from TUCSON, ARIZONA.

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