Barriers to evidence-based practice

Barriers to evidence-based practice

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Answer: There exists a variety of barriers to the execution of Evidence-Based Practise (EBP), both personal barriers and organisational barriers. Studies have established that both people and organisational factors are linked with barriers to the utilisation of EBP including inadequate time to read literature, too much workload, and employees’ lack of knowledge or experience in using EBP and inadequate resources (Jordan, Bowers, & Morton, 2016). Barriers within the level of the individual professional might include an employee’s attitude, perception, expertise, and practices linked to EBP.

Organisational barriers can include minimal or lack of managerial support when it comes to the execution of EBP, resistance to change, lack of enough resources, and weak facilitation and support for the execution of EBP (Munten, Bogaard, Cox, & Garretsen, 2010). A national survey that was done on over 1,000 RNs suggested that resistance from nursing leaders and other barriers hinder nurses from implementing EBP, which enhances the outcomes of patients (Munten, Bogaard, Cox, & Garretsen, 2010). Resistance to change that EBP is to bring about, would adversely impact its successful implementation since the clinical employees would do everything possible to sabotage it.

The other barrier to the implementation of EBP is time and knowledge.When clinicians are asked what majority of them need, they often state that time is their number one priority. Lack of enough time is usually cited as a barrier to the implementation of EBP. Moreover, uncertainty or lack of enough knowledge regarding the EBP process is also a barrier, which involves critiquing and evaluating the literature associated to the clinical issue that is being addressed.

Original Question: What are some of the obstacles or barriers to implementing EBP in nursing? Provide a rationale for your answer. 

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