Assignment briefOne of the key challenges in doing business

Assignment briefOne of the key challenges in doing business internationally is the considerable differences in the business environment around the world. Specifically, the cultural, economic, legal and political environment can produce these variations. Therefore, it is vital to understand why management can differ in diverse areas of the world. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate learning about these issues in detail with regard to a specific country.The KOF Index of Globalization measures the three main dimensions of globalization: economic, social and political. You will find the link to the index under Week 1 of the LEARN page. For this assignment, you have to select and research a country from the index 2015 (from the first column) for critically analysing the extent of globalisation in that country with regard to the different environmental factors.Your tasksResearch the country you have selected and prepare the profile describing the cultural, economic, legal and political environment.Discuss the extent of globalization for this country with reference to its rank in the index (why low, or why high). Critically analyse the position of the country with regard to the environmental profile, what factors do you think have contributed or not, for the given rank.You have been assigned to help prepare a key employee of a company in New Zealand, who will be moving to this country. He/she (with no prior overseas experience) is expected to stay there for a year. Prepare a cultural sensitivity document to help with the training before this person leaves. It should tell him about what to expect—both at work and after work in this country. Discuss some cultural issues he/she may run into, and how they should be handled (The cultural etiquette exercise we did in the class may help you in preparing this doc.)Suggested reading: Kiss, Bow or Shake hands by Terri Morrison and Wayne ConawayPage limit: An expected length of the report is 10-12 pages (excluding the cover page, content page, references, and appendices).Please follow the APA reference style for the whole assignment, including page header and footer, reference page, pages number etc.Understanding: do you show understanding of the international environmentClarity of explanation: are your explanations clear, logical, relevant and understandable?Application: are you able to apply the knowledge to the given situation effectively?Referencing: do you show evidence of having read in the relevant area?so basically this task asked me to write an assignment about Poland’s cultural, economic and political environment, the KOF rank level of Poland in 2015 is 23, need to answer these three question above and the format and layout of this assignment need to be use carefully and correctly.basic report structure:title pagepage contentintroductionanswers for these questionsreference and appendices.

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