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. Watch the assigned movie.

2. Pretend that you have had the chance to conduct a diagnostic interview with the movie’s main character.

3. Create a clinical write-up, assuming you conducted a face-to-face interview with the movie’s main character. Follow all of the usual guidelines for the clinical write-up as we have been doing so far in your other papers. You are free to make up examples of things the person might say, or ways in which you might observe their behavior for the MSE, as long as the things you create are consistent with their diagnosis.

for example

ID: 31. Male. Doctor referral.

CC: Client said, “I see things that are not really there.”

HPI: Client was giving a speech at Princeton.

SH: Married. Lives at home with wife and child. Works at MIT.

SuH: Client reports no substance abuse.

PH: Client reports no previous contact with psychological help.

FH: Client reports no familial psychiatric disorders.

MH: Client reports no previous illnesses resulting in hospitalization. Client also reports no familial medical issues.

MSE: Client’s appearance is disheveled,

Form: Evidence of Schizophrenia based on delusions, hallucinations, and negative symptoms. I believe the client presents a risk to himself.

Dx: Schizophrenia with Multiple Episodes, currently in acute episode 295.90 (F20.9).


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