article review/ religion, English homework help

see attachment.


1. Article is set up in MLA format including heading. MLA is used to document sources using parenthetical citations.

Article review is free of major errors. Minor errors do not detract from meaning.

2.Review is well-written with a clear beginning, middle and end. I can tell you read the entire article and thought about what you were writing. This includes deep thought at a high level of comprehension

3.The intro is well written and clearly states the author’s claim as well as the student’s stance.

The conclusion clearly summarizes the review

4. Review is well-supported. Student uses specific references to the article as well as the textbook and other available materials to make an informed opinion on the topic. The student also uses personal experiences as support

5.Support (x2) Because support is important, this crterion has double the points. Students who clearly and specifically reference information from Gollnick and Chin will receive full credit

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