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Kinetic Art Article

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Consider art is produced in a range of media and for different reasons. Artists, whether trained or untrained, may use their creativity to bring forth something new of value that can enrich and inform our lives. Remember the content (meaning or message communicated) and form of art (the total effect of the combined visual qualities within a work) is closely linked.

Now read and consider this article, The Development of Public Art and its Future Passive, Active and Interactive Past, Present and Future by Ralfonso Gschwend (Links to an external site.). The article is tied to Art and Artist’s role in society (communication), 3D art forms. Pay particular attention to the reasons why the author believes in the importance of kinetic and interactive sculpture. Enlarge images to get a good look at their interactive qualities.


  1. How can interactive public art change a viewers art viewing experience and do you think it’s valuable?
  2. Do you agree that “The new generation of young people are trained and already very used to interactive and dynamic communications. They expect this interaction, whether it is with their smart phones, their TV, or from the art they encounter in public places”? And what are the benefits or detriments of public art being instant and interactive?
  3. How do you think this new art form is of value that can enrich and inform our lives?

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This article explores modern public 3D art forms and aligns with the learning objective of this unit:

  1. Articulate and analyze how society influences the interpretation and message of a work of art.
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