Art appreciation, art & design homework help

Choose 1 artist from the following list:

  • Nick Cave (Soundsuits)
  • Dale Chihuly
  • Vik Muniz
  • Faith Ringgold
  • Nam June Paik

Select 2 small images of nontraditional works of art from your chosen artist, and copy them into a Word document. Include the name of the artist or designer, the title of the artwork, the materials used, and the year it was created.

Write 2–3 paragraphs for each work, and include the following:

  • In your first paragraph for each work, explain what you see visually. Refer back to the elements of art and principles of design, and discuss how the artist uses color, line, texture, balance, and so on.
  • In your second paragraph for each work, explain how these works fit the definition for nontraditional or applied works of art. What is the purpose or function of the art?

*The images in the textbook are copyright-protected and cannot be copied. To find the exact painting, search the Internet by the artist’s name and the title of the work. Right-click, and copy the image. Open a Word document, and right-click and paste. If the image does not paste into your paper, try another image. Sometimes images are protected and cannot be copied. Wherever you do find the image, make sure to cite your source in APA style. If you are unsure how to cite an image, this resource can help you.

Submit 1 Word document for this assignment.

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