Aristotle’s view , philosophy homework help

Aristotle says that the virtues are necessary for humans to attain happiness, but he means this in terms of something we might call “flourishing” or “living well”, which he considers quite different than simply feeling good. Thus, according to Aristotle some people might feel that they are happy, but because they lack the virtues they are not truly flourishing. However, imagine someone that is deceitful, selfish, greedy, self-indulgent, and yet enjoys great pleasure and appears to be quite happy. Is someone like this “flourishing” or not? Explain your answer this by referring to his readings and media, and if possible provide examples from real life and/or from literature, film, TV, etc.

Keep in mind that your aim here is not just to explain your views on whether someone like this can possibly be “flourishing” in the way that truly makes people happy!

To succeed with this assignment, start by explaining Aristotle’s view on the happiness of this kind of person, and then explain your views by comparing them to Aristotle’s.

Work count = 600

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