aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems |

Resources: Ch. 3 & 4 of Fundamentals of ConservationBiology, the Internet, and the University Library Choose a pair ofrelated aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to research. Yourchoices must meet the following criteria: The aquatic andterrestrial ecosystems must be closely associated: for example, afen (aquatic) in an alpine meadow or forest (terrestrial), an islet(terrestrial) in a marine bay (aquatic), or a river system(aquatic) in a desert (terrestrial) would be appropriate. At leastone endangered species, as identified in the IUCN Red List or by agovernment wildlife or natural resource agency, must be present inone or both of the ecosystems. The pair of ecosystems must be inyour local region or in an area of personal significance. Write a700- to 1,050-word paper about the ecosystems you have chosen andthe species that make up these ecosystems. Include the followingitems: Identify and describe the pair of ecosystems. Describe threespecies in each of your ecosystems, including at least one plantand one animal from each. Evaluate each of these species based onits intrinsic value, its instrumental value, and its uniquenessvalue. Include at least one endangered species in this descriptionand analysis. Summarize how the components of your ecosystemsinteract with one another, and explain the value of each ecosystemin terms of its components. Describe how ecosystem diversity andspecies diversity are related, and how each ecosystem relates tothe landscape. Cite at least three references. Format your paperconsistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab tosubmit your assignment.

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