Apa preliminary literature review and an action item checklist

Provide a preliminary literature review and an action item checklist

The subject for this study is family discharge arrangement in NICU. Discharge arrangement can be portrayed as ‘the improvement of an individualized discharge strategy for the patient preceding leaving health care facility, with the point of containing costs as well as enhancing patient outcomes’ (Spence & Casey, 2015). It is thought to be a crucial component in making the change from the intensive care setting towards the home. This progress has been portrayed as ‘a passage from conditions that might make a time of vulnerability related to changes in role relations, desires, or capacities.’ A medical placement on a NICU excited the researcher’s enthusiasm with respect towards whether families are by and large adequately prepared for as well as bolstered all through discharge and also how discharge arrangement  is being done, rousing the researcher to investigate this subject further.

This assignment  will require:  a minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles. Each article needs to be thoroughly summarized. The summary must describe the relevance of the article, and how the research findings support the action you are proposing in your capstone project. Each article summary needs to include a research design and methods section.

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