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 Chronic constipation is a cause of alarm in the United States especially among the adults. The symptoms of chronic constipation include: abdominal pain, Passing out hard stools and straining when passing stool. Apart from the home remedies towards chronic constipation like taking high fiber food and a lot of water, medication is paramount in the treatment of chronic constipation. One of the medications that can be used in the treatment of chronic constipation is linaclotide which should be taken at a dose of 4mg per day for two weeks (Ford et al, 2014).

Soap analysis of the case study


The patient presented herself to the clinic complaining of abdominal bloating, chronic constipation and incomplete defecation.She also indicated that the symptoms have been worse for the past three months. In addition, the patient argued that even after taking Miralax medication one packet daily for 8 weeks the symptoms are still there and there is no change.


The weight of the patient is 140 pounds while the height is 5 feet and five inches. The patient has no edema and no teeth loss seen. Glucose level is normal with no abdominal distention. The BMI of the patient is 31 obesity with a Bp of 110/70 T 98.0 po P 80 R 22.Hgb of the patient is 15.2


Primary diagnosis indicates chronical constipation

Secondary diagnosis indicates IBS-Constipation and Incomplete Defecation


Plan medication for the patient is 4 mg of linaclotide daily for two weeks and tone compliance test to evaluate if patient has incomplete defecation. Biofeedback bowel retraining program should follow if test is positive to correct causes of incomplete defecation. The patient’s next visit is after eight weeks for checkup (Ford et al, 2014).


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-linaclotide 4mg for 2 weeks

Mrs. S.R. (Pt name)

Age 46 years


Ford, A. C., Moayyedi, P., Lacy, B. E., Lembo, A. J., Saito, Y. A., Schiller, L. R., … & Quigley, E. M. (2014). American College of Gastroenterology monograph on the management of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic idiopathic constipation. The American journal of gastroenterology, 109(S1), S2. 

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