analyze documents (including pictures) of the time period in order to understand what the Revolution

Now you’ll analyze documents (including pictures) of the time period in order to understand what the Revolution (Choice A) or Jacksonian Era (Choice B) meant to people of the time period.

Choose topic A or B, not both.

Choice A: Documents of the American Revolution:

1. Virginia slave-owners’ petitions:

2. Cuffe’s petition:

3. Abigail and John Adams’s letters: (Links to an external site.)

4. 4 Political cartoons on the Revolution: (Links to an external site.) pages 18, 20, 21, 24 (explanations for the cartoons on pages 46-51)

Part B. Documents of the Jacksonian Era (1810s-1830s)

1. Memoir of a Lowell factory worker:

2. Letter from a Trail of Tears soldier:

3. Letter from an Irish immigrant:

4. 4 Political cartoons on Jackson: (Links to an external site.)

Question: What was the American Revolution/Jacksonian Era about? Was it supposed to bring freedom and equality for Americans? Did it? For all Americans or only some Americans? Discuss.

You must include specific information (at least one specific fact from each) from all 7 of the assigned sources (3 documents and 4 cartoons) as well as the textbook (at least 3 specific facts) to support your essay. Therefore, you must have at least 10 different specific facts to support your answer. A fact can be a statistic, a quotation, or a specific detail or point about an event, person, or trend. Don’t use any other sources. Work alone, without receiving help from anyone.

900-1000 words, not including quotations or citations, your name, the date, or any information about the course.

Use MLA format ( (Links to an external site.)).

If you quote or paraphrase (almost a quotation) someone, indicate clearly who the speaker was, the source, and the page number, if any. If it is a quotation, use quotation marks. If you mention a statistic, give the source and page number. Explain everything in your own words, including quotations and paraphrases, as if explaining to your mother or sister or math professor, to demonstrate you know and understand the material. Explain the cartoons as if the reader has not seen them. Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and paragraphs.

Post here as an attachment in one of the following formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf).

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