American Public University System India Military Power Capabilities Presentation

Prepare a 8 slides minimum and visuals that cover the following information. Notes need to be completed and included for each slide.

Your briefing should include:

1 BLUF/Summary: 2-3 sentence/bullet summary of the key findings.

2 Background / History: Key bullets about the regional military’s history.

3 Discussion of Key Military Capability:

Naval, Air, and Ground Orders of Battle (Ships, Aircraft Wings, Divisions and Separate Brigades, Special Capabilities and Units)

4 Key Weapons Systems and Platforms

5 Missile and Nuclear Weapons Capabilities (If applicable)

6 Military Organization, Deployments, and Basing

7 Military Modernization Trends

8 Analysis or Legacy: Must explain the “SO WHAT” or “Therefore” impact on current Indo-Pacific strategic environment and potential for future security cooperation or competition. Provide concrete, actionable recommendations for a FOGO to consider.

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