Aim of Project


It is important that you bring a notepad with you and spend the time to really observe. Papers made from memory will not be acceptable. Then type, your notes double spaced on minimum of two pages. Choose a spot of interest to you. 

Think of narrowing your point of view to one that would be closer to a film/video frame. Landscapes are discouraged try to choose more personal or enclosed settings; spaces that might be inspiring to you or that attracts  you for whatever reasons. 

After standing still, for some time, DESCRIBE from your vantage point what is going on in this “view”, in great details. Remember that it takes imagination to observe. Do not limit yourself to the most obvious things but spent a little more time to explore what they really are. Pay attention to textures and lighting as we often overlook how they affect objects. 

You can eventually include some of what is going through your mind while being there. You can tell us how you are best defined in or by this situation; i.e. how what you see affect you or is connected to you. (other than because of this project.) Conclude by telling us what you feel of the experience. 


1. Learning to pay attention to details: peculiarity of situation, motion, texture, shapes and color. Also nature of materials, mood. 

2. Learning to access how your own state of mind colors the way you see things: memories, cultural background, habits, inclinations.

3. Learning to differentiate between different levels of reality or perspectives. The difference between you and what you observe. What is the meaning of objective and subjective

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