African American Literature peer review, English homework help

  1. Select one peer’s essay (one that hasn’t already been reviewed) and respond to these questions in detail to peer review it. Post the review on your peer’s post of his or her essay draft. Please write in complete sentences. Please note that you must point to specific examples in your peer’s paper when making suggestions for improvement. You will NOT receive for bland responses (Paragraph 3 is great or Your essay is fine to me!). Also, please number your responses as the questions are numbered, not lump all of your responses into a paragraph.

Questions to answer for peer review:

1—What is your first reaction to this essay? Please make sure your peer’s essay is not a PLOT SUMMARY ESSAY! You have not been asked to write a plot summary essay of the literature or a biographical sketch of the author’s life. I have read the literature, and I know the author’s biography.

2—Does the essay contain a clear thesis that is arguable and situates the topic the writer is exploring?

3–Does the title and beginning of the introduction grab you and draw you into the essay? Can you think of a grabbier beginning/title?

4—Does the essay flow logically with a logical order of paragraphs and transitions spread throughout that connect ideas?

5—Does the writer keep you engaged while supporting and explaining points throughout, or are there places you think need more details, more clarity, and/or more interesting language? Are there places where you find yourself bored or confused?

6—Is there anything that distracts you or seems unnecessary?

7—What are the essay’s greatest strengths? Be specific.

8—Does the essay have any major weaknesses? Be specific.

9—What one change would most improve the essay?

10—What might make the essay more interesting?

11—Has the writer incorporated 3 scholarly sources to support his or her argument?

12–Has the writer smoothly integrated these sources into his or her argument?

13–Are at least 2/3 sources literary sources?

14—Is the paper the required length?

15—Any additional comments?

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