Academic Writing Expert.

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Academic Writing Expert.



I am requesting to be your academic & financial writer & tutor assisting students in writing their assignments. I would like to help you in writing your assignments. I charge $ 8  (eight dollars) per page (275 words) to write a paper from scratch. 

Do not look further i am here to assist you in writing all your papers since i am an outstanding 

I promise to do the following before you pay me,

· To do your papers 100% from scratch  and deliver them before they are due for submission

· To read and understand all the assignment instructions and deliver well thought-out original professional papers.

· To Assure you of an excellent performance (Grade A)  in all the papers that I handle

· To deliver plagiarism-free work

· To  pass all your papers in Turnitin to ensure high quality papers.

Thanks for your time and i will be waiting to hear from you soon. 

Kind  Regards, 

Ben Wright. 

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