(3 Pages Story Review ) x 2 (one for me and one for my friend), English homework help

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I need two different version of this paper one for me and one for my friend we are in the same class and same teacher. when you pic up a story to ready pick two different story one for me and one for my friend. So me and my friend will be different.


Go to this web site and choose any story that written by Guy de Maupassant (but not “The Necklace”) then do as the following:

Required components:

  • Read any story written by Guy de Maupassant (but not “The Necklace”)
  • Write 750 words (3 pages), double-spaced
  • Include a “Works Cited” page using correct MLA formatting for the textbook and the work you found the other story in.

Information to include:

  • Write a one-paragraph summary of the plot
  • Decide if the story focuses on plot, character, setting, or irony.
  • Explain why you think so.
  • Pick one significant quotation from the story and explain what you think it means fully. Cite the quotation with the page number.
  • Finally, write about three different things that are similar about the story you read and “The Necklace” story.
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