250 Word Facebook Post for English

Facebook Post

Facebook is a social media outlet that can be used to share information with hundreds, if not millions of people.

What social cause folks are buzzing about? Racial Equality? Clean Water? Global Warming? Living Wage? Education Policy? Religious Freedom? Child Slavery? Gun Control?

Imagine you write a Facebook post on an issue you are passionate about. Your post goes viral. Certain social cause celebrities and government officials want to do something impactful about the issue, and have heard about your articulate presentation. They want to present your well-written post, and other research to high-ranking officials that will truly make a difference.

Social media often demonstrates that people write how they talk. People often talk in short bursts that include incomplete thoughts, or they might share multiple thoughts all at once. These verbal habits often translate to fragmented sentence structure, and run-on sentences within writing.

Utilize your text, Pocket Keys for Writers Pages 175-180 to help you compose a Facebook post of at least 250 words, but no longer than 500 words. It must be on a social topic of your choice that utilizes correct sentence structure.

At least FOUR of your sentences must include a dependent, and an independent clause. Bold these four sentences so they are identifiable. Evaluate all your sentences for correct sentence structure. Be careful not to have run-on sentences, fragmented sentences, or comma splices.

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