250 – 500 words response to an article

250 – 500 words response to an article

Please visit the following Website http://twp.duke.edu/writing-studio/resources/genres-of-writing, which lists various genres. Locate the genre that best represents the type of writing you do in your major. (In my case, please use music as my major).

Read the information about the genre closely related to your major. Also read the information about a genre that relates to a different major. As someone who studies English, I could, for example, choose a laboratory report as the genre outside my major.

In a post of 250 – 500 words explain how the writing you do in your major compares to the writing done in the alternative genre you selected. When we finish reading your post, we should have a clear understanding of the type of writing you do in your major, the genre you use most often, and how it differs from another genre used in a different major.

Please be sure to use a brief quotation from each genre and also ensure that you discuss all that you quote. In other words, do not quote several sentences when you only discuss one section of one sentence. You can revisit how to properly format your quotations by visiting the Purdue Owl https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ . You will find the MLA and APA guides below the menu bar at the left of the Purdue Owl homepage. At the top of your work please indicate wither you are following MLA or APA format. Additionally, please give your work a title.

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