2 pages Ad critique assignment

Advertisements can be found from numerous sources. Please make sure they are related to healthcare. Prepare a 1-2 page ad critique incorporating the questions below:
What is it an advertisement for?
How does the advertisement attempt to get your attention?
Who is the target audience for this product?
List the information the advertisement provides about the product.
How does the advertisement try to convince you to buy this product?
How is the name of the product significant?
What images has the advertiser chosen to use? Why?
What information do you think has been left out of this advertisement? Why?
Rate this advertisement on its effectiveness – does it catch and keep your attention? If you were in the market for this type of product, would you purchase from this company? Why or why not?
Would you say people were more gullible or suggestible during the time this ad was first used? Explain.
What would you change about the ad?
Please make sure to include a copy of the ad with your assignment.
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just 2 pages only

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