1) Which of the following is an example of value-added

1) Which of the following is an example of value-added time?Processing timeBoth “Wait time during inspection” and “Wait time in inventory”Wait time in inventoryWait time during inspection2) Which of the following results in long lead time?large inventorieslarge batch sizeslong setup timesAll of these choices are correct.3) The lean philosophy attempts to reduce setup times, which will:decrease within-batch wait timeincrease within-batch wait timenot affect batch sizesincrease batch sizes4) What do lean manufacturers demand from their vendors?High quality materialsLow cost materialsOn-time deliveriesAll of these choices are correct.5) Which of the following is (are) objective(s) of lean manufacturing?increased production speedeliminating wasteincreasing inventory levelsAll of these choices are correct.6) ____ manufacturing philosophy emphasizes quality and zero defects.LeanTraditionalZero-BasedChinese7) ____ manufacturing deals with several suppliers in hopes of finding the best price.EconomicProductivity improvementTraditionalLean8) Lean manufacturing philosophy reduces all of the following exceptconversion costssetup timelead timeinventory9) Traditional manufacturing emphasizes all of the following exceptcost accumulation by departmentteam oriented employee involvementprocess-oriented layoutpush manufacturing10) Under a lean environment, employees have the responsibility and authority tomake engineering changes.make decisions about operations, rather than waiting for management.determine output amounts.purchase inventory.

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