1) The most significant issue raised by the Primark

1) The most significant issueraised by the Primark situation is that ________.A) organizational culturedetermines the success or failure of most international firmsB) corporate socialresponsibility must factor into a firm’s culture and strategyC) CEOs cannot avoid their socialresponsibilities without facing penalties
D) panic during an economiccrisis leads to disruptions in service
2) Which of the following isLEAST likely to assert pressure on managers regarding a firm’s socialresponsibility and ethical behavior?A) public interest groupsB) government agenciesC) industry competitorsD) media reporters
3) What is the difference betweenethics and social responsibility?A) Ethics deals with decisionsmade at an individual level.B) Ethics is mandated byinternational regulations and laws.C) Social responsibility relatesto low-level, narrow issues.D) Social responsibility focusesonly on an individual’s actions.
4) A firm’s concern towards thecommunity, workers, and environment in which it operates is known as________.A) international sustainabledevelopmentB) corporate socialresponsibilityC) international business ethicsD) cultural sensitivity
5) The criticisms of MNCs havebeen lessened in recent years for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ________.
A) decreasing economicdifferences among countriesB) decreasing public concernabout environmental issuesC) increasing emphasis on socialresponsibility by multinationalsD) increasing numbers ofmultinationals from less developed countries
6) Issues of socialresponsibility continue to center on all of the following EXCEPT ________.A) military industrial complexesB) unequal opportunitiesC) consumer concernsD) employee safety issues
7) Some argue that MNCs have apositive impact on less developed countries in all of the following ways EXCEPTby ________.A) providing managerial trainingB) providing investment capitalC) improving infrastructureD) sharing profits
8) Which of the following termsrefers to the expectation that MNCs should be concerned about the social andeconomic effects of their decisions regarding activities in othercountries?A) macropolitical interdependenceB) international socialresponsibilityC) corporate technoglobalismD) moral idealism
9) Which of the followingsignificantly increases the complexity of corporate social responsibility forMNCs?A) distance between the homeoffice and the subsidiariesB) difficult nature of trainingmanagers in different culturesC) additional stakeholdersassociated with the firm’s activitiesD) international laws,regulations, and moral principles
10) The primary dilemma that DelMonte managers in Kenyaface is whether to ________.A) pay the prevailing low wagesto farmers or to pay higher wagesB) provide company transportationto workers or to let them use their own meansC) use rich coastal lands forgrowing pineapples or to leave the land for subsistence farmingD) train locals to manage thepineapple farming or to continue using managers from the home country

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