1. How would you explain the success of James Houghton and

1. How would you explain the success of James Houghton and the Signature Theatre using the “five-question strategy playbook” and Wolfe’s “living organization” as your frames of reference? Be specific.Callanan, L., Wei-Skillern, J., & Onayemi, P. (2014). James Houghton and Signature Theatre (Haas School of Business Case No. B5798). Retrieved from https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cb/pl/28623611/28636589/4d4822a1aab5ad1390b3b25ab1d140d8Joseph, G. (2009). Mapping, measurement and alignment of strategy using the balanced scorecard: The Tata Steel case. Accounting Education, 18(2), 117–130. a polished analysis that responds to each of the three prompts below:2. Then, review the Joseph (2009) article on implementing a balanced scorecard (a way to measure one’s strategy playbook). Pay particular attention to pages 119–123.3. Using the strategy map illustrated on p. 122 as a guide, create a similar strategy map for the Signature Theatre (circa 2014). Attach your map to your original post in the Discussion board.Based on your strategy map and earlier response, what should Houghton do in the future? Why? How?NOTE: This is the most important element of your response and requires an analytic, rather than descriptive response.

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